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Besides his radio career Melvin Jakobs started as a club and festival DJ in 1994. In those days he already played for crowds up to 10.000-15.000 people and was a resident DJ in Crete, Spain, Austria and on the island of Aruba.

His career changed at the end of the 90’s as he got interested in radio & television marketing and the television format industry. In 2013 a festival organiser asked him to make his comeback on stage and even even after an absence of many years  everyone was impressed by his unique performance, DJ Skills, musical choice and his incredible feeling with the crowd. A renewed career was born and in no time Melvin Jakobs was booked again for club and festival gigs in Hungary, Italy, Germany, Ibiza private Party’s and of course in the Netherlands.

As a DJ he is a chameleon with his incredible musical choice from Dance, House to Dance Classics. Melvin Jakobs adapts effortlessly to the crowd even if they are twenty or above fifty years of age. Melvin Jakobs brings everyone into ecstasy!