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Live DJ Vincent Vilouca, is a force behind various musical activities and projects. This singer, songwriter, producer and DJ springs from his soulful roots in acoustic ambience. Raised in a musical family and a household full of 70’s records, it was inevitable that Vincent grew into a mature vocal artist and performer.

Although Vilouca successfully take part of The Voice of Holland 2014 as a singer, he became because of that, a well-none Dutchman by his performances as a DJ. His powerful vocals along with his live performing experiences, has enabled him to create one of the most musically current, unique live DJ and club act.
Deephouse, DeepTechno and Minimal are his trademark.
Inspired by dj’s like Luciano, Sven Väth and Weiss he’s been able to create his own unique sound. This sound he requires from playing his records with live producing platforms like Ableton Live and Machine. It takes you to a deep hypnotic and uplifting atmosphere. Welcome to his journey through the soul of music